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Where Did ADE for Alzheimer’s Come From?

In early 2014 I lost my dad (my son Jacob’s grandpa) to Alzheimer’s disease. One day towards the end of his battle Jake came home from school and told me of a conversation he had with a friend of his about the disease. This friend also had a loved one who was battling Alzheimer’s. I thought it was amazing that two 8 year olds were having an actual conversation about a disease that many adults (including myself 10 years ago) know little about.

We talked about how even though it was sad that our families were touched by this debilitating disease, it is so important that young people are having this conversation. I believe that it is my generation, and my children’s generation that will find the cure for this disease.

Jake came up with the idea to have a lemonade stand to raise money and awareness about the disease among his friends and their families. And so ADE for Alzheimer’s was born! So far we have raised over $8000 and Jacob was awarded the Grand Champion award by the Alzheimer’s Association three years in a row. We hope to surpass these numbers this year. Please help by donating today!